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  • What to do in Perth, Ontario

    What To Do in Perth, Ontario: A Great Day Trip

    We have travelled through Perth, Ontario, on many occasions, but never as the end destination. On our way through, we usually stop at a couple of our favourite shops, but on this beautiful summer day, we decided to take a road trip with the town [...]

  • Photo contest submissions

    IFWTWA Photo Contest Submissions and Success

    Through My Lens: My Submissions and Success in the 2022 IFWTWA Photo Contest Having participated in one photo contest, I expanded my number of photo contest submissions for this year and entered again. When looking for photos for the contest, I relied on the power [...]

  • Kingston, Ontario, Canada

    Reflecting on Kingston, Ontario, Canada

    . The First Capital of Canada - Kingston, Ontario, Canada Kingston, Ontario, Canada is a city bursting with captivating history and a vibrant cultural scene. Nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario, Kingston is known as the "Limestone City." It is named this for its [...]

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