Do you enjoy discovering new wines? Then look no further than the wineries of New Brunswick, Canada.

New Brunswick is one of Canada’s three Maritime provinces. It offers an abundance of activities and sights for travelers to enjoy. With its diverse landscapes, rich history, and world-renowned seafood, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful Atlantic province. People often drive through New Brunswick on their way to one of the other provinces. We think it is well worth your time to stop and visit New Brunswick.

Wineries of New Brunswick

The wineries here are starting to make a name for themselves on the world stage. Local winemakers like to say that they produce cool wines because of their cold winters, cool summers, and relatively short growing seasons, but warm people make them.

New Brunswick wineries produce diverse wines, including reds, whites, rosés, and fruit wines made from local fruits such as apples, cranberries, haskap berries, and blueberries. Maple-based wine has proven very popular.

The diverse grape varieties used in New Brunswick wines have been cultivated to thrive in the region’s unique climate. Some popular grape varieties include Frontenac, L’Acadie Blanc, Marechal Foch, Marquette, Osceola Muscat, and Sabrevois, to name but a few.

We set out to sample the wines these New Brunswick wineries produce and learn more about the people behind the wineries. Each of the four wineries written about here offers its unique take on wine, as well as showcasing the beautiful landscape of New Brunswick.

History of Winemaking in New Brunswick

The history of winemaking in New Brunswick is a testament to the ingenuity and perseverance of the province’s winemakers. They have overcome numerous challenges to establish a thriving industry that is increasingly recognized daily.

At the grassroots level, we discovered deep family connections, humble beginnings, and people whose passions changed the future of wine in New Brunswick.

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