Are you a wine lover? Check out our contribution about the wine region of Burgundy, France, in this great post about the 40 Best Wine Regions in the World. Contributors to this list are bloggers from around the world. 

This list shares locations within some of the best-known wine regions , such as Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. There are also some lesser-known regions, like Tanzania, Armenia, Oregon (USA) and Nova Scotia (Canada), that could be great new finds for you. 

Have you visited any of these? Have you added any new ones to your list? You will, after reading this list. 

Travel and wine can and do go together. Even for those that are not wine drinkers (Gasp!), a visit to a wine region can still be a great experience. 

Many wine regions are destinations unto themselves. Where there is wine, there is often magnificent scenery, history and of course, food. Check out organized tours to the regions to see what they offer for itineraries. You can join one of them or use their itinerary to plan your own. Remember to have a designated driver if you do.

Many wineries around the world even have onsite accommodation. We like nothing better than staying near a vineyard, starting our day with a stroll in the area, then sampling their wines, eating in a local restaurant and enjoying the sunset before bed. 

Now that we’ve set the picture click on the link to read the full article and start planning your next trip now. 


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