A Beer Lover’s Paradise: Why Riverhead Brewing Should Be on Your Bucket List

A project 30+ years in the making has brought Riverhead Brewing Company to our hometown of Kingston, Ontario. Richard and Jeff are the cofounders of this tasty endeavour. One of 7 craft breweries in Kingston, they pride themselves on producing quality beer “with the adventurous spirit”.

If you’re searching for the ultimate beer experience, look no further than a stop at Riverhead Brewery. With its exquisite craft brews and stunning scenery, this tour is an absolute must for your Kingston Ontario bucket list. Immerse yourself in the world of craft beer as you explore the renowned Riverhead Brewery.

Founded in June 2017, this iconic, locally-owned establishment has been producing exceptional beers for years. And you have the opportunity to witness the magic firsthand. Embark on a journey through the brewery’s fascinating process, from the careful selection of ingredients to the meticulous brewing techniques that create their award-winning beers.

As you sample several of their brews, you can also indulge in some pizza. Because nothing goes better with beer than pizza. So gather your fellow beer enthusiasts, pack your sense of adventure, and prepare for a beer lover’s paradise at Riverhead Brewery.

Riverhead Brewing Company’s Award-Winning Beer

They won gold, silver and bronze medals at the 2020 Ontario Brewing Awards! Check the full article below that was originally published in The Distillery Channel Journal.

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