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Traveling to Central & South America

South America is the 4th largest continent. It is made up of 12 countries and 3 independent territories.

Most of our explorations here have included using the talents of tour operators to show us the country.

Enjoy the Bounty of Prince Edward County Wine Country

When you think of wine, does Canada and specifically the province of Ontario come to mind? Well, it should. Amongst the several wine regions in Ontario, Prince Edward County, locally known as “The County,” is considered one of the fastest growing wine destinations.

3 Ways to Organize a Wine Tasting Get-Together

When you think of going to a wine tasting, does it bring a feeling of happiness or worry? Are you happy because of the different wines you'll taste and discover, or do you worry because you don't want to look and sound like you don't know anything about wine? These same two feelings can occur when you are planning a wine tasting of your own. There are various ways to set up a wine tasting event. Let’s look at three different ways you could organize and enjoy such a get-together.

Things To Do At A Cruise Ship Port – A Collaborative Article

Check out this collection of great things to do while in a cruise ship port according to some very well travelled writers. Our contribution is about Cape Canaveral, Florida. Read full article: Originally on The Common Traveler

Top Things To Do While in New York City – A Collaborative Article

Check out this collection of top things to do while in New York City in this collaborative post by 16 travel bloggers who share their advice and experiences. Our contribution is about Roosevelt Island. It is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Looking for the Top Things To Do in New York City? Then keep reading! Full article on PlanningAway.com


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