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We write about food, wine and travel to help you plan your next trip. Our readers will find lots of information on where to travel and how to get the most for their time and money.

The Changing Face of Our Travel

The times they are a-changing! The carefree travel we are used to has changed, some may say, permanently!
 In the past, my husband was away often as a commercial pilot, with me occasionally accompanying him. I spent my time working on writing, photography and my travel radio show. With little warning, travel stopped, and we were both home 24 hours a day.
I had a European trip as a supervisor for a student group planned in April as well as a European vacation with my husband, several excursions to various locations across Canada and a couple of trips to the US ….all cancelled.
We were lucky to be home safe and sound when the world ground to a halt. This time off has given us a new perspective for what we want to do with Voyage Writers Media moving forward. Our goal has always been to share information with our readers about travel, food, wine and cultural experiences. We want to continue that but do so in a more personal manner.
The information we shared in the past is still useful, but it lacked the more personal notes of what we learned while travelling. Here is where we ‘up our game’ with our writing, photography, video and our new podcast…”For The Love of Travel.”
Our goal is still to provide information but to do it in a manner that talks about our experiences in a way that inspires you to want to seek out these experiences for yourself.
So, buckle your seat belt, hold on to your hat, and here we go!

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“Lori has created beautiful content complementing Gate 1 Travel tour packages. The work she has put into researching and documenting  her tours and highlighting the packages has you ready to pack your bags for your next adventure.”

Cassandra Lund, Marketing Coordinator, Gate 1 Travel

Lori Sweet and Sylvio Roy of Voyage Writers, have been contributing writers & photographers to for several years. As a reader of travel writing I always look forward to receiving their submissions, as they embody one of things I look for most in travel writing, a sense of place.

When I finish reading an article by Lori and Sylvio I can taste the food and hear the voices of the location that they have visited. In addition, their photos place a reader in the center of the story. As an editor, I appreciate their professional and timely submissions that follow through on the proposed concept for each article.

Lori Sweet and Sylvio Roy from Voyage Writers aren’t just enthusiastic members of our wine tasting community, they’re also terrific writers and tasters. They have excellent palates and they know how to translate what’s in the glass to what’s on the page or screen. If I were to describe this dynamic duo as a wine, they’d be a classic Bordeaux blend or Meritage, each complementing the other with their tasty take on the wine world. I’d also give them a score of 98 points out of 100 😉

Lori Sweet and Sylvio Roy are a talented journalism duo that leave a great impression on destinations and their people. These curious travel journalists do a terrific job of capturing the stories of places and their people both through their writing and photos. They have inquiring minds, delve into their work with enthusiasm and make readers feel like they’re travelling on the adventure with them. I really enjoyed hosting Lori and Sylvio on a media trip to New Brunswick, found them easy to work with and quickly came to respect their professionalism. They delivered everything that was promised for media coverage and then some. If you’re not visiting, you should be.


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